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    9 May 1509 - The body of Henry VII was taken in a black chariot from Richmond Palace to St Paul’s Cathedral


     9 May 1514- The Court of Aldermen gave permission for Thomas More to appoint a deputy in his office


    Today in Tudor History...


    9 May 1536 - The King has summoned Cromwell and the council 

    9 May 1536- Henry VIII. to the Earl of Essex.

    Commanding him to repair to the King to treat of matters relating to the surety of his person, his honor, and the tranquillity of the realm. Westm., 9 May.

    9 May 1538 – Marriage of Marie de Guise and James V by proxy

    Today in Tudor History...

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    9 May 1244-Pope Innocent IV Condemns Jews in Papal Bull

    9 May 1439-Birth of Pope Pius III 


    Today in Tudor History...


    9 May 1446 - Death of Mary of Enghien, Queen of Naples 

    9 May 1502-Christopher Columbus leaves Spain on his final trip to New World.

    9 May 1573 - Polish Parliament selects Duke of Anjou as king

    9 May 1588 - Duke Henri de Guise's troops occupy Paris

    9 May 1590 - Death of Karel "Cardinal" van Bourbon, archbishop of Rouen

    9 May 1753 - King Louis XV disbands French parliament

    9 May 1613-Birth of Mattias de' Medici

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