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    11 May 1500 - Birth of Reginald Pole 

    Reginald Pole was an English cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the last Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, holding the office during the Counter Reformation.He was the son of Sir Richard Pole and Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury.His maternal grandparents were George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, and Isabella Neville, Duchess of Clarence

    Today in Tudor History...

    Today in Tudor History...

    11 May 1509 –Henry VII's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey

    Today in Tudor History...

    11 May 1532 – Henry VIII accused the clergy of being “scarce our subjects”, and attacked their oath to the Pope.


    11 May 1536-Sir Henry Wyatt to Cromwell.

    Received his letter on the 10th, and thanks him for the comfortable articles therein touching his son Thomas and himself. Asks Cromwell when it shall be the King's pleasure to deliver him, to show him "that this punishment that he hath for this matter is more for the displeasure that he hath done to God otherwise," and to admonish him to fly vice and serve God better. Alington, 11 May. 


    Today in Tudor History...


    11 May 1560 - Death of Thomas Wendy

    He was the royal physician to Henry VIII, a Member of Parliament and a member of the King's Privy Chamber.


    11 May 1573-Henry of Anjou becomes the first elected king of Poland.


    11 May 1598 - Death of Edward Drew, a Member of Parliament and Recorder of London.


    11 May 1610 - Death of Sir Henry Maynard, an English politician and secretary to Lord Burghley, and became (by steady accretion) a substantial landowner.


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    Today in Tudor History...




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