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    13 May 1515 - Marriage of Mary Tudor, Queen of France, and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk at Greenwich 

    Today in Tudor History...


    13 May 1536 

    Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, wrote to Thomas Cromwell


    I perceive by Raynold Carnaby that there is supposed a pre-contract between the Queen and me; "whereupon I was not only heretofore examined upon my oath before the archbishops of Canterbury and York, but also received the blessed sacrament upon the same before the duke of Norfolk and other the King's highness' council learned in the spiritual law, assuring you, Mr. Secretary, by the said oath and blessed body, which afore I received and hereafter intend to receive, that the same may be to my damnation if ever there were any contract or promise of marriage between her and me." Newington Green, 13 May 

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     J. Husee to Lord Lisle.

    Here is no good to be done, neither with the King nor with any of his Council, till matters now had in hand be fully achieved. Mr. Secretary had no leisure to despatch the letter for the Friar's delivery. It is useless suing to Mr. Treasurer till he have more leisure. It is believed this matter will be rid by the end of next week. Here are so many tales I cannot tell what to write. This day, some say, young Weston shall scape, and some that none shall die but the Queen and her brother; others, that Wyat and Mr. Payge are as like to suffer as the others. The saying now is that those who shall suffer shall die when the Queen and her brother go to execution; but I think they shall all suffer. If any escape, it will be young Weston, for whom importunate suit is made. It is rumoured that Harry Webbe has been taken in the West country, and put in hold for the same cause. By Wednesday (May,17) all will be known. Sir Thos. Cheyne is named lord warden, some say by Mr. Secretary's preferment. My lord of Richmond is chamberlain of Chester and N. Wales, and Mr. Harry Knyvet, constable of Beaumaris. If Mr. Secretary keep promise your Lordship shall have something. Today Mr. Russell was in very sad communication with Mr. Whethill. I fear I have taken a wrong pig by the ear, but I shall know by his preferring of your affairs ere long. Mr. Brian is chief gentleman of the privy chamber, and shall keep the table. There is plain saying that the King will assign the groom of the stole from time to time at his pleasure. I trust you will remember Mr. Secretary with wine and letters, and also Mr. Hennage. The King comes not to Dover at this time. There shall be both burgesses and knights of the shire for Calais. Give credence to Goodall, and keep secret what he tells you. London, 13 May.


    Sir Ralph Langforth to Henry VIII.

    Petition for a grant of the farm of Stoke Bardolf, Gedling, Shelfford, and Carleton, late in the holding of Henry Norris, parcel of lord Lovell's lands.


    Sir Francis Weston.

    Debts owing by Sir Francis Weston at the time of his death, "as more plainly appeareth by a bill of the particulars written with his own hand."

    Creditors:—My cousin Dyngley with my father, John Horseman, Barnarde my father's cook, Mr. Harve, Farfax, John Rutter, Wyngfyld, Browne the draper, Domyngo, Genenes (Jennings?), the page of the chamber, Peter Hoseer, Hocrofte, my lord of Wiltshire, William Horant, Pope, Bradbe the broderer, Brydges my tailor, Parson Robynson, "a poor woman that Hannesley of the tennis play had married for balls I cannot tell how much," Cornelius the goldsmith, Harde Derman at the gate, Henry Semer, Mr. Bryan, the King for 40l. and 50 mks., Mr. Locke, Henry Parcar, page, Thomas Dyer, Sir William Peccarynge, William the broderer for 35l., "whereon he has a gown, a coat, and a doublet of cloth of gold," my sadler, George Node, my shoemaker, Ambrose Barcar, Codale at Greenwich, Crester my barber, Richard Gresscham, Percake of the stable, Chr. Melyner, Askewe in Watlyngstrete, my lady Mosgrave 50l. whereon she has plate of mine, Jocelyne that was Mr. Norreys servant, John Norres, Secheper that playeth at the dice, Temple the fletcher, the King's broderer. Total, 925l. 7s. 2d.

    "Father and mother and wife, I shall humbly desire you, for the salvation of my soul, to discharge me of this bill, and for to forgive me of all the offences that I have done to you, and in especial to my wife, which I desire for the love of God to forgive me, and to pray for me: for I believe prayer will do me good. God's blessing have my children and mine.

    "By me, a great offender to God."

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    Queen Anne Boleyn’s household is broken up


    Today in Tudor History...

    13 May 1568 - Mary Queen of Scots is defeated by English at battle of Langside


    Today in Tudor History...

    13 May 1619 - Funeral of Anne of Denmark, queen and wife of James VI and I. 

    Today in Tudor History...

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    13 May 1254 -Birth of  Maria of Brabant, queen of France 

    13 May 1390 -Death of  Robert II the Steward, King of Scots 

    13 May 1497 - Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Girolamo Savonarola


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    13 May 1648-Execution of Margaret Jones of Plymouth.She was the first person to be executed for witchcraft in Massachusetts Bay Colony during a witch-hunt 


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