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    14 May 1509-Ferdinand,king of aragon to Catherine,princess of wales 

    Declined to ratify the marriage with Prince Charles because he knew that the old King was neither his friend nor hers. Her marriage and that of Prince Charles secure the most important alliance of himself, the Emperor, Prince Charles and England; and therefore she must now show what she can do, and advise his ambassador, seeing that she once wrote that her marriage would be easy if the late King were to die. He and his kingdom are at the King of England's disposal if her marriage takes place. 14 May, 1509.

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    14 May 1264 - Battle of Lewes


    The Battle of Lewes was one of two main battles of the conflict known as the Second Barons' War. It took place at Lewes in Sussex, on 14 May 1264. It marked the high point of the career of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, and made him the "uncrowned King of England". Henry III left the safety of Lewes Castle and St. Pancras Priory to engage the Barons in battle and was initially successful, his son Prince Edward routing part of the Baronial army with a cavalry charge. However Edward pursued his quarry off the battlefield and left Henry's men exposed. Henry was forced to launch an infantry attack up Offham Hill where he was defeated by the Barons' men, defending the hilltop. The royalists fled back to the castle and priory and the King was forced to sign the Mise of Lewes, ceding many of his powers to Montfort.


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    14 May 1517 - Those arrested in the "Evil May Day" riots were paraded before the King, Queen, and their court in halters

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    14 May 1523 - Death of Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron Vaux

    He was a soldier and courtier in England and an early member of the House of Commons. He was the son of Lancastrian loyalists, Sir William Vaux of Harrowden and Katherine Peniston, daughter of George Peniston of Corticella.He grew up during the years of Yorkist rule, and served under Henry VII when he recovered the throne in 1485.


    14 May 1536 


    Jane Seymour moved closer to the King and Cromwell updates the King's ambassadors in France on recent events.


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    Cromwell to Gardiner and Wallop.

    The King has deferred answering their letters sent by Salisbury till the arrival of the bailly of Troyes. Has to inform them, however, of a most detestable scheme, happily discovered and notoriously known to all men. They may have heard the rumour of it. Will express to them, however, some part of the coming out, and of the King's proceeding. The Queen's incontinent living was so rank and common that the ladies of her privy chamber could not conceal it. It came to the ears of some of the Council, who told his Majesty, although with great fear, as the case enforced. Certain persons of the privy chamber and others of her side were examined, and the matter appeared so evident that, besides that crime, "there brake out a certain conspiracy of the King's death, which extended so far that all we that had the examination of it quaked at the danger his Grace was in, and on our knees gave him (God ?) laud and praise that he had preserved him so long from it." Certain men were committed to the Tower, viz., Marks and Norris and the Queen's brother; then she herself was apprehended and committed to the same place; after her Sir Fras. Weston and Wm. Brereton. Norris, Weston, Brereton, and Marks are already condemned to death, having been arraigned at Westminster on Friday last. The Queen and her brother are to be arraigned tomorrow, and will undoubtedly go the same way. "I write no particularities; the things be so abominable that I think the like was never heard. Gardiner will receive 200l. of the 300l. "that were out amongst these men, notwithstanding great suit hath been made for the whole; which though the King's highness might give in this case, yet his Majesty doth not forget your service; and the third 100l. is bestowed of the vicar of Hell [Sir Fras. Brian], upon [whom] (This word seems to be omitted. The despatch must have been hurriedly written, and two or three verbal errors have been overlooked.) though it be some charge unto you, his Highness trusteth ye will think it well bestowed." From the Rolls in haste, 14 May.


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    14 May 1571 -Death of  Matthew Stewart.He was the 4th Earl of Lennox, and leader of the Catholic nobility in Scotland. He was the son of John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Lennox. His grandson was James VI of Scotland.


    14 May 1595 - Death of Anne Fiennes or Fienes (née Sackville), Lady Dacre was an English gentlewoman and benefactress.


    14 May 1629 - Death of Jean Gordon, Countess of Bothwell.She was a wealthy Scottish noblewoman and the first wife of James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell who became, after his divorce from Lady Jean, the third husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. Lady Jean herself had a total of three husbands. Upon her second marriage, she became the Countess of Sutherland.

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    14 May 1483 - Coronation of Charles VIII of France 

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    14 May 1509-At the Battle of Agnadello, the French defeat the Venitians in Northern Italy.


    14 May 1553-Birth of Marguerite of Valois,("La reine Margot") queen consort of Navarre,wife of Henry IV


    14 May 1610-Henry IV of France stabbed to death by François Ravaillac in the Rue de la Ferronnerie, Paris.



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