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    20 July 1189 – Richard I of England officially invested as Duke of Normandy.


    1304 – Wars of Scottish Independence: Fall of Stirling Castle – King Edward I of England takes the stronghold using the War Wolf.


    1387 – Death of Robert IV of Artois, Count of Eu 

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    1398 – Death of Roger Mortimer, 4th Earl of March


    1454 –Death of John II of Castile 


    1524 – Death of Queen Claude of France

    She  was queen consort of France and duchess regnant of Brittany. She was the eldest daughter of Louis XII of France (First husband of Mary Tudor) and Anne of Brittany, as well as the first spouse of Francis I of France.

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    1528- THE DIVORCE.

    Notarial attestation of the presentation to the Pope, on 20 July, 1528, 5 Clement VII., by John Anthony Musettula, nobleman of Naples, and imperial ambassador to his Holiness, of a petition and protestation, in behalf of queen Katharine, to the following effect.

    Hears that the Pope intends to send cardinal Campeggio to England to determine the pretended suit by which the King intends to annul his marriage. Prays his Holiness to forbid the suit, and impose perpetual silence, as the marriage was contracted in accordance with an apostolic ordinance, and consummated by the cohabitation of many years and the birth of children. Wars between Christian princes will be the result. It is intended to separate what God has joined, mutual will has confirmed, and the Holy See has ratified; to impugn the decrees of the Roman church, and restrain the Pope's power. The enemy of man will profit much from this seed of wickedness and discord. No marriages will be secure if this is dissolved. The cause should on no account be decided, except at the court of Rome, because of its importance, and because it turns upon the interpretation of a papal dispensation. Least of all should it be determined in England, where the Queen fears the power of the King, and there will be no security for her defence. In his Holiness's court she is ready to show her rights.

    The Legates are much suspected, especially the cardinal of York, who is chancellor of England, and councillor and vassal to the King, and has often urged the Pope to grant the King's request about this matter. Petitions his Holiness therefore to revoke all commissions to try the cause away from Rome, and appeals to his tribunal in the name of the Queen and of the Emperor. Protests that as she is in England, and in her husband's power, no acts executed by her concerning the place or mode of trial must be understood to the prejudice of her rights.

    Viterbo, "in ædibus S. Sixti," where the Pope resides. Witnesses: Peter Ruiz de Alacron (sic), of Spain, and Julian Visconti, clerk, of Milan.

    Attested by Baldus de Nigris, of Civita Nova, in the diocese of Fermo, notary of the Apostolic Chamber.

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    1535-Vice-Chancellor and University of Cambridge to Anne Boleyn

    Beg her to remit the payment of tenths and first-fruits on account of the poverty of the persons who will have to pay these dues and of the colleges. Cambridge, 20 July.

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    1554 - Philip II of Spain arrived in England

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    1554 - John Knox published “A Faithful Admonition to the Professors of God’s Truth in England”.

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    1603-Sir Walter Raleigh is imprisoned in the Tower of London.

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