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    31 July 1423 – Hundred Years' War: Battle of Cravant – the French army is defeated by the English at Cravant on the banks of the river Yonne.


    1451 – Jacques Cœur is arrested by order of Charles VII of France.

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    1498 – On his third voyage to the Western Hemisphere, Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to discover the island of Trinidad.


    1527 –Birth of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor


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    1540-Henry VIII. to Wallop and Carne.

    Since his last advertisement of affairs here, things have occurred which are to be declared to the French king and others. Upon the petition of Parliament being declared to lady Anne of Cleves, she agreed to the decision of the matter by the clergy, who gave sentence that the marriage was not vailable. If causes are asked for, they may say, as they did to the cardinal of Ferrare, that the King would not do anything that could not lawfully be bidden by, and it is sufficient that the cause is known to those who had the examination thereof, who in this case are fully to be trusted. Lady Anne approved the sentence, confessing the integrity of her body, and refusing all who would move her to the contrary, and desired to remain here as a servant and subject. Informed her that she could not remain Queen, but, for the honour of her house and respect for herself, he would entertain her as a sister in honourable estate; and sent her a token, for which she wrote a gentle letter of thanks. Has assigned her lands, with two goodly houses and an allowance of 500l., a year, amounting in all to 5,000 marks a year. She is quietly established in her own house as the King's sister, being resolved not to return, as she herself has written to her brother. Sends a small memorial for their better information.

    Having received their letters of the 13th,  which state that the ambassadors of Cleve are departed and recount the conversation of Wallop's secretary with the queen of Navarre, desires Carne to take leave of the French king and return, and also to take leave of the queen of Navarre, Wallop asking her to tell Carne the matter which she mentioned as something which the King would be contented to hear, and which would make him laugh.


    1544-Catherine Parr to Henry VIII

    This afternoon came letters from the Lieutenant of the North declaring the apprehension, by fishermen of Rye, of a Scottish ship wherein were certain Frenchmen and Scots sent with letters and credence to the French king and others. Thinks their apprehension much important, and ordained of God to show the "crafty dealing and juggling of that nation." Encloses the most important of the letters, of which there are many to the French king and others, from the Dowager and others, but they are only for credence or else to the same effect as these. The Council have sent for the chief of the Scots and Frenchmen for examination. The Prince and the rest of the King's children are in good health. Hampton Court, 31 July 

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    Princess Elizabeth to the Queen.

    Inimical fortune,envious fortune for a whole year deprived me of your presence and, not content therewith, has again despoiled me of that benefit. Knows she has the Queen's love who, she hears, has not forgotten her in writing to the King. Begs the Queen "che scrivendo a sua Maesta si degni de raccomend[armel prie]gando sempre sua dolce benediccione; similmente pri[eghando i]l Signore Iddio gli mandi successo bonissimo, acquis[tando vittoria de] suoi inimici, accioche piu presto possia vostra A[ltezza et io insiem]e con lei rallegrarsi del suo felice retorno. N[on altro priegho Id]dio che conserve sua Illustrissima Altezza, alla cui gr[atia, humilmente b]asciando le mani, m'offero et raccom[mendo. Da Santo] Jacobo, alli 31 di Julio.


    From The Anne Boleyn Files:


    Inimical fortune, envious of all good and ever revolving human affairs, has deprived me for a whole year of your most illustrious presence, and, not thus content, has yet again robbed me of the same good; which thing would be intolerable to me, did I not hope to enjoy it very soon. And in this my exile I well know that the clemency of your highness has had as much care and solicitude for my health as the king’s majesty himself. By which thing I am not only bound to serve you, but also to revere you with filial love, since I understand that your most illustrious highness has not forgotten me every time you requested from you. For heretofore I have not dared to write to him. Wherefore I now humbly pray your most excellent highness, that, when you write to his majesty, you will condescend to recommend me to him, praying ever for his sweet benediction, and similarly entreating our Lord God to send him best success, and the obtaining of victory over his enemies, so that your highness and I may, as soon as possible, rejoice together with him on his happy return. No less pray I God, that He would preserve your most illustrious highness; to Whose grace, humbly kissing your hands, I offer and recommend myself.


    Today in Tudor History...

    1588 – The Spanish Armada is spotted off the coast of England.


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