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    2 August 1343 – Olivier de Clisson is found guilty of treason and beheaded at Les Halles in Paris. As a result, his wife, Jeanne de Clisson, sold their holding, bought a fleet of ships, and took to the sea as a pirate to seek revenge against the French King and nobility.


    1521 - Wolsey arrived in Calais to act as a peacemaker between France and the Holy Roman Empire

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    1527-Charles V. to Henry VIII

    Writes to ask his advice touching the late unfortunate circumstances at Rome. Has done so much for the Holy See that he thinks no sane person can doubt his sincerity. Has borne with injuries done him by France rather than make war for a private cause, and when in Germany refused the petitions of his subjects rather than violate the rights of the Pope. Many evils arose from this; but his conscience is clear, and his cause was vindicated by Leo X. and Hadrian VI. Clement VII., unmindful of favors, has sanctioned a league against him to drive his army out of Italy, and deprive him of Naples. Warned the Pope and Cardinals, before he took up arms, that the guilt would be theirs; but they not only despised his warnings, but violated the truce which Hugo Moncada made with them. The Pope having occupied several places in Naples, Charles's soldiers attacked Rome without his orders, and compelled the Pope to make an eight months' truce with the Viceroy. Although the conditions showed how much the Pope's advisers were opposed to him, Charles ratified it rather than take that vengeance which was in his power. But the soldiers, fearing this truce would be broken like the former, notwithstanding the remon- strances of their leaders, attacked Rome, and committed the outrage of which Henry has heard. Does not believe, however, it is so great as his maligners say. Is persuaded it was God's judgment rather than man's will, to punish the many injuries done to the Emperor; but is grieved at having gained such a lamentable victory. Hopes God will turn it to good, and thanks Him for what He does or suffers to be done. Valladolid, 2 Aug. 1527.


    1581-Execution of Richard Atkins.He was an English Protestant martyr.He was charged with exclaiming against the catholic religion and the pope in public places of resort, and with an act of sacrilege in attempting to throw down the sacrament while being carried through the streets by a priest. It was also stated that a few days later, he had gone to St. Peter's once again, while divers gentlemen and others were hearing mass, he stepped forward to the altar ‘and threw down the chalice with the wine,’ and strove to pull the cake out of the priest's hand before its consecration. Being committed to prison a second time and examined, his reply was ‘that he came purposely to rebuke the pope's wickedness and their idolatry.’ After many exhortations by his own country men to recant, but in vain, he was brought to the stake with many tortures and burned before St. Peter's, 2 Aug. 1581.


    1589-Death of Henri III of France 

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    1595 - The Battle of Cornwall.

    The Battle of Cornwall was a Spanish raid on Cornwall in 1595 during the Anglo-Spanish war of 1585-1604. It was conducted by a Spanish naval squadron from Brittany, France.


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