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    8 November 1541 – Archbishop Thomas Cranmer returned to Hampton Court Palace to interrogate Katherine Howard

    1543 – Birth of Lettice Knollys, daughter of Sir Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey,mother to the courtiers Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex and Lady Penelope Rich, although via her marriage to Elizabeth I's favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, she incurred the Queen's unrelenting displeasure

    Today in Tudor History...

    1576 – Eighty Years' War: Pacification of Ghent – The States General of the Netherlands meet and unite to oppose Spanish occupation.


    9 November 1208 – Death of Sancha of Castile, Queen of Aragon

    1389 – Birth of Isabella of Valois


    1494 – The Family de' Medici are expelled from Florence.

    1518 – Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a daughter.


    10 November 1480 – Birth of Bridget of York.She was the tenth child and seventh daughter of Edward IV of England and Queen Elizabeth Woodville.

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    1483 – Birth of Martin Luther, German monk and priest, leader of the Protestant Reformation

    1520 – Danish King Christian II executes dozens of people in the Stockholm Bloodbath after a successful invasion of Sweden.

    1565-Birth of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex,son of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex, and Lettice Knollys. His maternal great-grandmother Mary Boleyn was a sister of Anne Boleyn, the mother of Queen Elizabeth I, making him a first-cousin-twice-removed of the Queen.He was an English nobleman and a favourite of Elizabeth I. Politically ambitious, and a committed general, he was placed under house arrest following a poor campaign in Ireland during the Nine Years' War in 1599. In 1601, he led an abortive coup d'état against the government and was executed for treason.

    Today in Tudor History...

    1580 – After a three-day siege, the English Army beheads over 600 Papal soldiers and civilians at Dún an Óir, Ireland.


    11 November 1500 – Treaty of Granada – Louis XII of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon agree to divide the Kingdom of Naples between them.

    1541 – Katherine Howard was moved to Syon House

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    12 November 1434 –Death of Louis III of Naples

    1439 – Plymouth, England, becomes the first town incorporated by the English Parliament.

    1532 – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn finally left Calais

    1547 – Birth of Claude of Valois.She was the second daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.

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    1555 – The English Parliament re-establishes Catholicism.

    1555 –Death of Stephen Gardiner, English bishop

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    1567 –Death of Anne de Montmorency, French soldier and diplomat 

    Today in Tudor History...


    13 November 1312 – Birth of Edward III of England

    1537 – Burial of Jane Seymour

    Today in Tudor History...

    1553 – Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer and four others, including Lady Jane Grey, are accused of high treason and sentenced to death under Catholic Queen "Bloody" Mary I.


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