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    17 October 1346 – Battle of Neville's Cross: King David II of Scotland is captured by the English near Durham, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for eleven years.


    1404 - Cosma de' Migliorati elected Pope Innocentius VII


    1483 - Tomas de Torquemada appointed inquisitor-general of Spain


    1575 – Death of Gaspar Cervantes de Gaeta, Spanish cardinal 


    1582 –Birth of Johann Gerhard, German theologian


    1586 –Death of  Philip Sidney, English courtier and general




    18 October 1540 – Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto's forces destroy the fortified town of Mabila in present-day Alabama, killing Tuskaloosa.


    1541 – Death of Margaret Tudor,Queen of Scotland.She was the elder of the two surviving daughters of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, and the elder sister of Henry VIII. In 1503, she married James IV, King of Scots. James died in 1513, and their son became King James V. She married secondly Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus. Through her first and second marriages, respectively, Margaret was the grandmother of both Mary, Queen of Scots, and Mary's second husband, Lord Darnley. Margaret's marriage to James IV foreshadowed the Union of the Crowns - their great-grandson, King James VI of Scotland, the child of Mary and Darnley, also became the king of England and Ireland on the death of Margaret's fraternal niece, Elizabeth I of England in 1603.

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    1555 – Elizabeth Tudor leave the court and travel to Hatfield

    Today in Tudor History...


    1558 – Death of Mary of Hungary

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    1572 - Spanish troops attack Maastricht


    1595 –Birth of  Edward Winslow, English politician, 3rd Governor of Plymouth Colony

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    1599 – Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia, defeats the Army of Andrew Báthory in the Battle of Şelimbăr, leading to the first recorded unification of the Romanian people.


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