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    28 May 1509 – Death of Edward Courtenay, 1st Earl of Devon. 


    28 May 1521 - Pope Leo X signs treaty with Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

    Today in Tudor history...

    28 May 1533 –  The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, declares the marriage of King Henry VIII of England to Anne Boleyn valid.

    Today in Tudor history...

    28 May 1543-Seymour and Wotton to Henry VIII.

    This day the Queen sent for them, to participate news from her ambassador in England; which was that Henry purposed to ratify the league on Corpus Christi Day and would that the defiance to the enemy should go forth with speed (and therefore she sends a herald to Calais to-morrow, to await the coming of Henry's and carry out the instructions already sent to Henry), and that, although the defiance be not yet executed, Henry would let the captain of Guisnes with 2,500 archers and 300 (sic) horsemen join Mons. de Reux in following his enterprise in Boulognois. De Reux has retired, after doing much hurt, but his men shall be soon ready if necessary; and she thanks Henry for his forwardness. The Ambassador also signified that the French ambassadors  in Scotland had maigre chere of the Governor, who had all the realm at his command save one castle or port which is to come in by a certain day. She said the French boasted that Henry was offering them friendship; which she thought was "but a French tale." She hears nothing of the Emperor's arrival in Italy.

    The siege of Heynsborgh continues. De Corrieres, to-day, says that the Prince of Orange, with 24 ensigns of lantzknechts, besides horsemen, shall encamp over the Mase to levy it. The French king comes himself, with a great power, and they here would prevent his joining the Clevoys. Bruxelles, 28 May, 1543

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    28 May 1557 - Thomas Stafford was beheaded for treason. He was involved in two rebellions against Queen Mary


    28 May 1561-Sir Thomas Stradling was imprisoned in the Tower on suspicion of popish practices.He was released on 15th October 1563 on a bond of 1,000 marks.


    28 May 1582 - Executions of Roman Catholic priests Thomas Forde, John Shert and Robert Johnson at Tyburn.


    28 May 1588-Spanish Armada Sets Sail for Assault of England



    Today in Tudor history...



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